Interrupt bullying
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If it feels safe to do so, consider saying something when you see bullying. Even one small comment is better than silence. If you can’t speak up, you can always support the person who was bullied afterward.
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Interrupt homophobic slurs when you hear them. Respectfully explain to the people who used them why slurs are hurtful for people who identify as LGBTQ. If interrupting the slurs doesn’t help, get adults involved.
You may be able to stop an incident of bullying by changing the subject. Consider shifting the conversation to another topic.
The next time you hear someone make a claim about an entire race/ethnicity, ask the person to imagine claims being made against them for having brown hair or red sneakers. Ridiculous, right? That’s how absurd racism is.
Consider phrases like, “Hey, that’s not cool,” “I don’t think he wants you to call him that,” “This is silly. Don’t we have something better to do?” “Am I the only one who finds this ridiculous?” or “Do you realize how uncool that is?”