Include someone new
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Be friendly to someone who’s new or left out. It’s easy to do, and you may be surprised by how long they remember it.
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Being the new kid is hard, so try to include them. If nothing else, just throw them a smile or a high-five. That alone can make them feel way more welcome.
If there is a new kid in your class, consider friending them or following them on social media. Like some of their posts while you’re at it. It’s a simple way to make someone new feel included.
When you’re picking teams for a game, consider picking the new kid first. It’s great to include someone new and they’ll remember you for it.
Is there someone in your class that you’ve noticed looking down? Reach out to them and invite them to hang out with your friends, even if they’re not normally part of your group. That tiny gesture could make a world of difference to them.
You’ll never know what kinds of friendships you’re missing out on if you never look outside your circle of friends. Consider reaching out to the kid in your class you’ve known for a while but have never spent time with.
Consider phrases like, “Hey, I don’t think we’ve met yet, I’m___,” “What’s your name? I’m___,” or “Hey, I’m ___!”