Unite with others
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Team up with others to support someone who is being bullied. There’s power in numbers, and it’s easier to stand up for someone if you know you’ll be supported by your peers.
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It’s easier to stand up for someone if you know you’ll have support. Get some friends to agree to back you up next time you speak up for someone being bullied. Be sure to do it in a public space where you and your peers feel safe.
Research indicates that peers sticking up for each other is a very effective defense against bullying. People who bully others try to isolate their victims. The next time you see bullying, consider reaching out to friends, and rallying around the target together.
Find a Facebook group for students around bullying. If you search Facebook you will find several groups you can join.
Consider phrases like, “Hey, let’s go sit with ___. He looks left out,” “Hey, next time ___ gets picked on, I’m gonna say something. You guys got my back?” or “Can you guys help me support ___?”