Talk to someone
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If you’re dealing with bullying, ask for help or tell someone about it. Try not to keep it to yourself as that can make you feel worse.
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Talking is one of the most helpful ways to work through what you’re feeling. Talk to someone who is a good listener about what’s going on in your life.
If you’ve already tried asking for help, and it didn’t work, talk to someone else. Keep trying until you find the help you need.
If you are bullied, your friends can help. Adults can help. Don’t keep your pain to yourself. Life gets better.
If you’re wondering if you might be bullying others, ask a friend for their honest feedback and if they’ve noticed you being mean. Try not to be defensive when you receive their feedback but use it as an opportunity to improve.
Find an ally. Tell a parent, a neighbor, a relative, a friend, or your school counselor. Being bullied feels many times worse if you try to endure it alone.
Being a “self-advocate” means speaking up for yourself, telling people what you need, and making an action plan. Write down what’s happening, when and where it takes place, and who is involved. List your role in this plan, and who else should be involved and how.
Consider phrases like, “Can I call you later? It’s important,” or “Hey, can I talk to you about something?”