Stand up for yourself
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In some situations, it’s best to walk away. But other times, if and when it feels safe, it’s okay to tell people that they are out of line or acting unfairly toward you.
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When it’s time to stand up for yourself and do something brave, and if and when it feels safe to do so, imagine that you’re the hero in your own movie. Play some awesome theme music in your head to pump yourself up.
It can be intimidating to stand up for yourself but you can build confidence by practicing. Get a friend to listen to you practice speaking calmly and confidently.
Think about what you wish someone would say on your behalf, and if you get the chance, say it yourself. Be sure to do so in front of other people in what you consider to be a safe space.
If your friends are hurting your feelings, tell them that you don’t like how they’re treating you and ask them to stop. They might not even be aware.
Sometimes all you need is 10 seconds of courage. Imagine how good you’re going to feel when you say what you need to say. Take a deep breath, and say what’s in your heart.
Is there a difficult conversation you need to have with someone, but you don’t know how? Get a friend to role-play, practice the conversation, build self-confidence, and then say what you need to say in real life.
Consider phrases like, “Stop,” or “I know you guys are just joking but I find that offensive.”