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Your biggest advantage in helping your children through bullying situations is your perspective. Call on the wisdom gained from your own experiences to provide the best advice possible.
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If your child is bullying others, they may not realize how deeply their actions affect those around them. Were you ever bullied as a child? Do you look back on bullying others with regret? Share your story with your child.
Talk about a time you dealt with bullying as a kid. Your personal story has the potential to be incredibly impactful.
Use media to talk about drama. Reality TV shows often present extreme behavior as entertainment. Discuss why these shows are less likely to depict positive conflict resolution. Also talk about how these shows can perpetuate negative stereotypes.
It’s important to know that bullying is a behavior and that behavior can be changed. Students bully for many reasons, including peer pressure or being bullied themselves. Your child may not realize what impact their actions are having on another child.
Research indicates that peers sticking up for each other is a very effective defense against bullying. Bullies work by trying to isolate their victims. When kids rally around the target, it thwarts the bully. Encourage your kid to reach out to friends for support.