Post support online
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If you see someone being cyberbullied, quickly take a moment to write them something nice and supportive. It will help them know that they’re not alone.
crowdsourced tips
‘Like’ or ‘favorite’ someone’s post on social media, or throw them some love with a positive comment. It will mean a lot to them to know that someone sees them.
If someone is being cyberbullied, post a comment respectfully saying that you disagree with whatever they’re being bullied about. Keep it positive and refrain from attacking the person doing the bullying.
Use your social media feed to show support for someone who has been bullied or excluded. Post something that lets them know you’re in their corner.
You can show support by using anti-bullying emojis too. Look up the #BeStrong emoji keyboard or the #IAmAWitness emoji to find out ways to show support when you can’t find the right words.
If someone is being cyberbullied pretty badly, you can get your friends to change their Facebook profile pics to show their support for that person online.
Consider posting comments like, “Don’t worry about all this. I’ve got your back,” “Hey that’s not cool, this needs to stop,” “Guys, this is wrong,” “This is absurd,” or “This isn’t fair.”