Help someone feel valued
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Being bullied can affect a person’s feeling of self-worth. However, a simple word or gesture can help someone feel valuable and worthwhile. It doesn’t cost you a thing and can mean the world to them.
crowdsourced tips
If you see someone struggling or looking down, you can always email or text the person a compliment. It takes so little effort and can make a huge difference.
If you see a friend looking down or going through a tough time, ask if you can give them a hug. It’s easy and can help your friend feel less alone.
Give someone a random high-five in the hallway. Everyone feels a boost after a high-five. You never know who needs one.
Give someone a compliment in front of other people so others recognize the person’s positive qualities, too.
Ask someone for their advice on something. Letting someone know that you value their opinion can make them feel really good.
Surprise your friend with cupcakes and a note telling them how important they are to you.
Many forms of self-destructive behavior come from an individual’s belief that they aren’t worth love and support. If you notice your friend putting themself down, tell them some of the reasons why you love and support them.
Offer to do activities that will guarantee a smile or even a laugh. Remind the person that no one deserves to be disrespected and it won’t last forever. Simply listening and showing that you believe and care about what is going on will do wonders!
Consider phrases like, “Hey, can I get your advice on something?” “Hey, have I ever told you how smart I think you are?” “How did you come up with that answer in class? That was genius!” or “That’s a cool backpack. Where’d you get it?”