Embrace your differences
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Be proud to be you. The qualities that make you unique are often your greatest strengths.
crowdsourced tips
Make a list of 5 things you love about yourself or that make you different. Read the list aloud to yourself. It helps to practice positive self-talk, and it can give you a confidence boost.
Search the internet for role models who share the thing that makes you different from your peers. Resolve to embrace what makes you different in the same way that they have.
The next time someone calls you weird, take it as a compliment. No one ever changed the world because they were “normal.” Changing your thinking about this won’t change their behavior, but it can change the way you feel.
If someone makes fun of you for being different, consider telling them that you enjoy being different.
Consider using phrases like, “That’s actually my favorite thing about myself,” or “You know who is else is different? Most people that have made a major impact on the world.”