Social Bullying
How do social dynamics impact the ways we treat our peers, for better or for worse?
level: High School
Bystander Revolution | Question Rumors
discussion questions
  • How can social bullying cause as much harm as other types of bullying?
  • Why would someone bully their own friends?
  • Why might it be easier to bully someone in a group setting, as opposed to privately?
  • If you are uncomfortable with how your friends treat you, what are some examples of ways you can address it?
  • How can having empathy for a target of social bullying help you avoid joining in with the behavior?
  • What are some examples of things you can do when you hear a rumor about someone?
  • Why does Melissa Joan Hart say in her video that she thinks it’s important for people to step out of cliques?
  • In Tony Robbins’ video, he tells the story of a group of kids who dressed up to support a peer who was bullied. Why do you think it was such an effective strategy?
  • As Parker asserts in his video, how can a student’s behavior serve as a more powerful example to other students than an adult’s?