Social Bullying
What is social bullying, and how can students address it?
level: Elementary School
Bystander Revolution | Question Rumors
discussion questions
  • How is it bullying to spread a rumor about someone?
  • What are examples of things you can do when you hear a rumor about someone?
  • Is being bullied or excluded by your friends as hurtful as other types of bullying? Why?
  • Why do you think someone would bully their friends?
  • Can imagining how a person being bullied is feeling help you figure out how to respond?
  • If you are uncomfortable with how your friends treat you, what are examples of things you can do about it?
  • Why might it be good to have friends in different social groups?
  • In Tony Robbins’ video, he tells the story of a group of kids who dressed up to support a peer who was bullied. Why do you think this strategy worked so well?
  • Do you think Parker is right, that a student’s example is more powerful than an adult’s? Why?