Physical Bullying
How can students safely address incidents of physical bullying?
level: Elementary School
Chad Smith | Bullied By A Girl
discussion questions
  • Why is it difficult to talk about being bullied physically?
  • Why is it important to tell someone if you’re being bullied?
  • Why might it be especially important to get an adult involved with physical bullying?
  • How could you go about getting an adult involved?
  • In John Green’s video, he says he thinks that, deep down, nobody wants to be a bully. Why do you think some people bully others physically?
  • What are examples of things you can do if you’re friends with someone who is physically bullying someone else?
  • Why is it important for a bystander to do something when they see physical bullying?
  • After it’s happened, how can you help someone who’s been physically bullied?