Bystander Effect
What is the “bystander effect” and how can one person counteract it?
level: Middle School
Bystander Revolution | It Only Takes One
discussion questions
  • What is the bystander effect?
  • What are some reasons bystanders might think they shouldn’t help someone in need?
  • What is “diffusion of responsibility”? How does it relate to Neiko’s analogy about Superman and Batman?
  • Dr. Zimbardo talks about breaking the bystander effect with the “power of one.” What does he mean by that?
  • Elizabeth Banks talks about the importance of courage. How can you work up the courage to help others?
  • If a situation seems too dangerous to step in, what are examples of other ways you can help?
  • Now that you know about the bystander effect, how would you define a bystander revolution?
  • How can one person start a bystander revolution?