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Advice For
People being bullied
People bullying
Adults not helping
Afraid to ask for help
Afraid to go to school
Afraid to help
Being a bully
Being smaller or weaker
Being the new kid
Believing the labels
Body image
Bullying among friends
Bullying in sports
Class prejudice
Culture of bullying
Feeling different
Feeling excluded
Feeling unpopular
Ganging up on one kid
Ignoring the issue
Keeping it to yourself
Peer pressure
Physical bullying
Religious prejudice
Rumors and gossip
Self-destructive behavior
Sexual harassment
Students not helping
Suicidal thoughts
Thinking you can't help
Verbal bullying
Approach the person later
Block or report cyberbullying
Break the cycle
Change the subject
Define your own self-worth
Don’t pass on rumors
Embrace your differences
Find true friends
Focus on your future
Get informed
Help a target get away
Help someone feel valued
Imagine how others feel
Include someone new
Interrupt bullying
Learn from your mistakes
Look at your own behavior
Offer sympathy
People being bullied
People bullying
Post support online
Protect others
Question rumors
Question the behavior
Realize it’s not about you
Remove yourself
Set a good example
Sit with someone new
Small acts of kindness
Stand up for yourself
Step out of cliques
Support differences
Talk to someone
Tell an adult
Try new activities
Unite with others
Use humor
Use your influence
What parents can do
What teachers can do
Bystander Revolution | What Can One Person Do To Help?
What can one person do to help? Thoughts from 28 of the first contributors to Bystander Revolution—a crowd-sourced collection of simple things you can do to take the power out of bullying. Whether you're feeling hesitant or ready to step in, someone has posted a video about something you can do today to make a real difference.
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